Four words from Ukraine
4 words from Ukraine
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  Saint Prokop
Saint Prokop from Sazava
(Czech Republic)

Saint Prokopius (+1053) was a hermit and founder of the monastic community and monastery with Byzantine Cyrillic-Methodian tradition (liturgy and monastic rules). He lived by faith in the word of God and due to his holy life and death was canonized.
In Sazava he cast out demons and healed in the name of the Lord Jesus. Through his intercession God is doing so even today.

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St. Prokopius with the cross of St. Cyril and Methodius is in unity with Jesus Christ who is the Victor (Greek NIKA) and who gave him power over demons (so-called negative spiritual energies).


Lord Jesus, You died for me and shed Your Blood for my sins, through the mighty intercession of St. Prokopius, deliver me from the demonic dependence (e.g. alcohol, drugs, playing machines, pornography, homosexuality, adultery, astrology, horoscopes, spiritism, magic, divination and other neo-pagan bonds). Amen.


This website was created for a presentation of the book "Four Words from Ukraine" which from a certain aspect has a prophetic character.

It also present letters which the Basilian fathers from Pidhirtsi have sent to the Holy Father, to bishops, priests and religious. These letters point at the crisis in the Church and search for the ways to her renewal.

A wish of the authors is that both the book and the letters may get into the hands of God-consecrated persons as well as of all people genuinely seeking the True which is Jesus Christ.

It is allowed that this book be translated, printed or in any other way propagated without a change of the contents.